Exhibition design and assembly

We find joy in helping education, art and culture reach as many people as possible.

Hybrid models, new museographic trends ↓

We view museography as an opportunity to convey knowledge, disseminate culture, technology and art to diverse audiences. We advocate for exploring hybrid exhibition models that blend the best of digital tools with more traditional systems. We explore the latest trends in museography to offer our clients an innovative approach, always respecting content and user needs.

+ Our approach to museography
+ Why work with us? Our approach
+ Work process: Communication and iteration
+ Human-first. Empathy towards the user
+ Scenographies, stands, pop-up and retail

We generate spaces of interest for a wide audience.

We develop comprehensive design and exhibition assembly services, from inception to production and inauguration.

Our experience in the exhibition sector, wearing various hats, provides us with a global and strategic perspective, allowing us to approach projects from multiple angles.

We believe in promoting universal access to culture. Therefore, we understand that an effective exhibition space must communicate, considering accessibility criteria for users with cognitive and functional diversity, spanning all ages and genders.

We have a network of collaborators that we activate based on each exhibition’s needs, from archivists and historians to assemblers and specialists in graphic production.

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