Mediation and cultural dissemination

Solutions to convey content in the most effective and memorable way

Custom workshops and training ↓

While we have a portfolio of workshops and activities already designed, we also create tailored educational and training materials. These can be monographic workshops or longer-term training focused on different types of users and environments, such as cultural services, exhibitions or corporate events.

+ Educational tools for all audiences
+ New formats for cultural dissemination
+ Training for professional teams

Cultural dissemination is a key discipline within the cultural sector.

A mediation project can materialise through multiple and diverse initiatives. Our vision is to work on plans that consider user needs and can reach different types of audiences using resources such as empathy.

Whether managing specific projects or medium to long-term plans, we design and produce involving different disciplines and stakeholders, with respect and sensitivity towards the contents and institutions we work with. We aim to achieve results that impact and help disseminate content in a creative and innovative way.

We work with various formats, such as designing guided tours, workshops for children or families and activation actions that, in a specific and punctual way, give presence to content for a short period or specific moment.

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