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Misterio studio’s museographic design

We are passionate about working in museum and educational spaces, creating the necessary communicative structure to convey ideas and invite knowledge.

We always consider sustainability, inclusion and accessibility criteria, ensuring that no one is left behind. Additionally, we prioritise factors such as environmental conditions to guarantee the preservation of objects and pieces of historical or artistic value on display.

We believe in the potential of combining languages and devices to create journeys that include interactivity, bridging the offline and online worlds. Currently, thanks to an innovative and situation-specific approach, we also work on 100% digital museographic proposals, ensuring widespread dissemination of any project.


Museographic services

We emphasise art direction and design to make the message reach the audience in the easiest and most attractive way possible. Simultaneously, we work to ensure that the result aligns with the goals and needs of the museum or institution’s team.

Starting from the script and the space, we adapt the routes and applications, choosing solutions based on the project’s characteristics. We enjoy creating experiential spaces that support the exhibition’s content and reinforce its premises from an educational perspective when required.

What is museography?

Museography combines many different disciplines, all related to the conception and realisation of a permanent, temporary or itinerant exhibition. It includes areas such as design, historical research, production, spaces, lighting, structures and audiovisuals, not to mention the conceptualisation and management of the project.

The ultimate goal of museography is artistic and cultural dissemination, allowing visitors to interpret the curator’s proposal through various involved devices: texts, routes, thematic spaces, interactive material, etc.

Design and assembly of exhibitions from concept to inauguration.
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We analyse the theme and requirements.
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We manage the process and lead the team.
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We deliver the turnkey project.