Bringing culture closer

At Misterio Studio, we collaborate with museums, companies and institutions in the development of exhibition design, digital experiences and communication.

Thanks to our cross-cutting perspective, we partner with institutions and cultural agents to help achieve their goals. We play a facilitating role through innovation and empathy to promote a culture accessible to all audiences.

1. We believe that culture has the power to transform and improve society.
2. We seek to promote access to culture, even in unconventional ways.
3. Inclusion and sustainability are global challenges that concern us as citizens and professionals.
4. We address challenges with ethics, transparency and teamwork.


Misterio Studio Directors
Mireia Domènech
(Barcelona, 1988)
Mireia, with a degree in Art History and Graphic Advertising, has over 10 years of experience in the artistic and cultural sector, working in areas such as curation, design, art direction, dissemination and cultural project management.
Silvana Solias
(Barcelona, 1992)
An illustrator, art director and designer, Silvana began her journey in the museum world in 2012. Since then, her training and projects have been closely linked to the cultural sector. In the field of dissemination, she advocates for creativity as a tool for cohesion between different disciplines, innovating in new ways to disseminate culture.
History and archiving
Translation and linguistic standardisation
Production and assembly
Sound design
Motion graphics
Creative copywriting




We are a creative studio and design agency based in Barcelona with a nomadic soul. We believe that distance is not a problem for developing projects that captivate, so we work remotely, using digital tools to connect with you wherever you are.

  • Flexibility and speed to work anywhere in the world.
  • Fluid and constant communication through digital tools.
  • Ability to establish relationships with professionals worldwide.


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