Products and digital experiences for culture

We design digital products that revitalise and provide a new life and vision to exhibitions, services, objects or spaces.

We create digital products such as websites, apps or virtual exhibitions. We also generate and produce transmedia content for social media, such as an interactive story for YouTube or Instagram filters.

Digital dissemination and communication strategies ↓

Entities and businesses can explore new markets and approaches by integrating digital experiences. These formats expand service offerings, improve their communication and modernise brand projection.

+ Interact with your audience
+ Attract potential visitors
+ Revitalise content in a new way

We explore all virtual formats to help you be part of the conversation.

Every day, more possibilities in the field of digital innovation for culture are emerging and we love exploring them to offer solutions tailored to each case and situation.

Gamification is here to stay and thanks to the digital world, we can approach it from many angles. In the unique context offered by the cultural sector, digitisation can be a very useful tool to bring content closer to the public using new and innovative languages. Our approach to digital experiences allows us to work with museums and institutions, closely studying each case.

We view the design of digital experiences as a service integrated into cultural dissemination and outreach plans, reaching where other traditional resources may not reach or serving as a complement to them.

Through the creation of digital experiences, institutions can update themselves by reaching a younger audience and breathing new life into their content. This also helps overcome barriers such as space or the cognitive diversity of users.

At Misterio Studio, we always seek new ways to promote culture and education by maximising digital media. Feel free to contact us if you want to bring a creative and current vision to your cultural projects.

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