Exhibition assembly

We offer a service of direction and supervision of the assembly, working collaboratively with the institution’s professionals.

Exhibition assembly

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Assembly service for museums and institutions

Museography or graphic exhibition design services can be complemented by our exhibition assembly and disassembly services. Our goal is to ensure that each exhibition project receives the necessary attention and management from its conception to the day it opens to the public.

We also provide a comprehensive assembly and disassembly service, where our team collaborates on-site, paying special attention to the exhibited elements.

Assembly direction

Whether the assembly is done with our team or the client’s team, we offer assembly direction to ensure the final result meets expectations.

We believe it’s essential to have someone responsible for coordinating processes, understanding the project’s dimensions and acting to align customer expectations with the final outcome.

Exhibition assembly

Assembly and disassembly of exhibitions

The assembly and disassembly of an exhibition is carried out taking into account the following elements:

  • Painting and preparation of walls and floors
  • Preparation of furniture and exhibition showcases
  • Location and distribution of spatial signaling for a better user experience
  • Placement of plastic vinyls on walls and floors
  • Transport and distribution of printed panels
  • Preparation and framing of photographs, works of art and paintings
  • Preparation of interactive or audiovisual systems
  • Location and transportation of historical and artistic pieces
  • Adaptation of lighting systems and general lighting
  • Management of the inauguration and events on demand

In addition, we manage the roaming and transportation of traveling or temporary pieces and exhibitions, as well as prior adaptation or pre-assembly in rooms, museums or institutions, both public and private.

Design and assembly of exhibitions from concept to inauguration.
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We analyse the theme and requirements.
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We manage the process and lead the team.
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