Graphic design for exhibitions

We handle the design within the exhibition space and graphic communication across various mediums.

Graphic design for exhibitions

We design your exhibition.

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How we approach exhibition graphics at Misterio Studio

Our approach to exhibition design encompasses a holistic view of the project, emphasising empathy towards the end user. We aim for exhibitions to align coherently with their initial ideas while providing an engaging and playful experience.

Following criteria of legibility, visual perception and identity, we approach graphic design for exhibitions in the following way:

In-depth analysis of the exhibition content and the author’s intention, along with the needs of the museum or cultural centre.
Proposal of a museographic concept or collaboration on an existing one, studying the space and exploring possibilities for optimisation.
Generation of a visual proposal to jointly decide on the style direction.
Collaboration through the establishment of a schedule and continuous communication with the curator and/or museum team.
Planning and management of production, printing and exhibition setup days.

We have a team of collaborators from various fields whom we deploy based on the project. They work with us to cover aspects beyond graphic design in spatial environments, from ephemeral architecture to audiovisual content.

Our experience extends to all types of media within and outside exhibition spaces, ranging from labels or panels to posters, catalogues or flyers to promote the project. We also engage in digital environments by designing formats such as banners and creative content for social media.

Graphic design for exhibitions

Graphic design for exhibitions

In any medium and context, graphic design can enhance message comprehension and provide layers of sensory information that evoke desired emotions.

In the case of exhibitions, it’s especially crucial to consider their three-dimensional nature and specific factors not present in other media, such as reading distance, spatial layout or lighting.

Design and assembly of exhibitions from concept to inauguration.
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We analyse the theme and requirements.
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We manage the process and lead the team.
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We deliver the turnkey project.