Museographic production

We ensure correct technical application in the space and the utmost rigour in content management.

Museographic production

Considering a new exhibition project?

We assist with its management, production, design and assembly.

How Misterio Studio’s museographic services work

We work towards a cohesive integration of content musealisation and museographic development in the conceptual phases. Throughout the process, we embrace the universal design approach, considering factors like space and content adaptability, inclusion of users with specific needs and prioritising the use of sustainable materials when possible.

For museographic projects, we handle:

  • Museographic and museological plan design
  • Route and spatial map design
  • Lighting design and distribution
  • Design of auditory and sonic environments
  • Design of furniture, showcases, supports and exhibition systems
  • Adaptation and improvement of existing museographic projects
  • User route design
  • Design and creation of audiovisual and interactive content
  • Purchase and rental management of adapted exhibition furniture, multimedia systems and lighting systems
  • Ephemeral architecture design
  • Design of exhibition panels and labels
  • Graphic and advertising design for museographic projects
  • Creation and design of discursive visual material and illustration for museographic projects
  • Design of permanent, temporary, or traveling exhibitions
  • Virtual and digital museographic adaptations

For museographic and permanent exhibition projects, our team of designers, architects and engineers ensures a correct technical and formal application of conceptual plans in space. We also collaborate with historians, archaeologists and documentation specialists to provide a comprehensive and rigorous service in content and information management.

Museographic production

Museographic and museological production

When initiating a museological and museographic project, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of the heritage space, museum or interpretation centre. We collaborate closely with the management team to address these needs and, most importantly, to ensure the proper alignment of content.

At Misterio Studio, we take a comprehensive approach to managing museological projects, working in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams dedicated to each phase. Our deliverables encompass everything from conceptualisation to the ultimate production and assembly of spaces.

Design and assembly of exhibitions from concept to inauguration.
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We analyse the theme and requirements.
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We manage the process and lead the team.
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We deliver the turnkey project.