Cultural dissemination

Reaching new audiences in an interesting and enjoyable way is possible with tools and formats that know how to engage and impress them.

Cultural dissemination

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Our commitment to the conservation of heritage, culture and art seeks, above all, to make these elements accessible and enjoyable for the general public. To highlight our cultural and artistic heritage, we advocate for its dissemination through activities and interventions with an educational and playful approach, making information and knowledge accessible to everyone in an understandable, approachable and entertaining language.

How do we approach cultural dissemination at Misterio Studio?

Our services are based on an innovative and current approach, which we consider crucial to attract a cross-generational audience. Another relevant factor is the rigour and care with the contents we work with, so we have a team of collaborators who are experts in history, archaeology or pedagogy that we enlist when the project requires it.

The activities we offer consider sustainability and accessibility factors for all audiences so that culture is accessible to all those who wish for it, providing institutions, museums and centres with resources that consider the particular needs of the public.

These are some of the cultural dissemination activities we offer:

  • Didactic workshops online and offline tailored to enliven exhibitions or events
  • Physical or virtual exhibitions tailored to order
  • Design of virtual or physical scavenger hunts and escape rooms to enliven cultural content
  • Design of virtual games and activities on social media
  • Conceptualisation of workshop or activity cycles for institutions
  • Design of informational material: flyers, books and audiovisual material
  • Creation of informative audiovisual experiences
Cultural dissemination

What do we mean by “cultural dissemination”?

Cultural dissemination aims to highlight our historical and artistic heritage, both material and immaterial. The ultimate goal is to make culture known to the general public in a non-scientific language, through various techniques and tools.

By disseminating culture, we promote the assimilation of historical and artistic information and contents, contributing to creating societies that are better informed and more sensitive to their surroundings and history. Cultural dissemination is another form of education that straddles the line between conventional education and leisure, offering an educational alternative that allows users to learn while enjoying and having fun.

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