Exhibition design and setup

We delight in helping education, art, and culture reach as many people as possible.

We love working with museums and cultural institutions on designing and installing exhibitions. We shape spaces, plan tours and give culture a format, so that all audiences can enjoy it through innovation and empathy.

-> Identity and graphic communication

-> Exhibition graphics

-> Routing and ephemeral architecture

-> Documentation and content development

-> Curatorship

-> Project management

-> Installation

-> Participation activities for all audiences

We create spaces of interest for large audiences. We develop exhibition designs and installations in a comprehensive way, from the beginning to its production and opening.

1. We delve into the subject to understand what it demands.

2. We establish a transversal action plan.

3. We involve users to make the project accessible to your audience.

Why should I invest in design? Is it profitable?

An image that is appropriate to the characteristics of your project will make it stand out from others and will make it more attractive to an increasingly demanding consumer. Also, if the design is accompanied by a good advertising campaign, the benefits will be quantifiable.

What exactly am I going to achieve by hiring your services?

In terms of exhibition design and installation, we will help you create a solid image that will cater to your needs and capture people’s attention. This will make your proposal more attractive, ensuring the message reaches its intended audience. Regarding strategy and communication, we work to understand your target audience and to establish a narrative voice, generating a continuous relationship that translates into visibility and attraction. This way we are able to increase engagement through content and storytelling. Our approach always promotes innovation in the cultural sector and empathy toward the user, which will allow you to approach the audience that until now you haven’t been able to reach.

My project is quite small, can I still use these services?

Our exhibition design and installation services are totally personalised and adapted to each space and client, so no project is too big or too small. In each particular case, the needs and goals will be analysed, and the working methodologies and a team will be established in order to meet each challenge. If you are still unsure, we suggest you contact us and tell us about your project, so that we can assess whether we can work together.

What files will I receive?

In the case of a full exhibition, that’s exactly what we will deliver! Whether it’s the end result mounted in the exhibition space, or the room ready for the inauguration. In other cases, we will deliver the final files ready for use, which will be adapted to the format you may need, along with a guide for their correct use.

What is the process like? Will it take much of my time?

We like to keep an orderly and scheduled work process. This means that we will have to stay in touch, but the time we invest will be strictly necessary for the proper development of the project.

Can I request this service if I am not a museum?

In addition to museums, we work in other spaces within the cultural sector: art galleries, exhibition halls, institutions and entities, associations… Although we are specialised in the design and installation of exhibitions for the cultural sector, each project is unique and we have worked creating spaces, designs and tours on very diverse topics. If this is not your sector but you need someone to design an exhibition space, we recommend that you contact us and tell us about your project to see if we can help you.

We’ve worked with…

Logo Ajuntament de Ripollet. Formación y talleres para servicios culturales
Logo Kuanum. Patrimonio, diseño estratégico y talleres en servicios culturales
Logo Festival Blanc! Diseño gráfico y comunicación para redes sociales
Logo Ipacim. Patrimonio, servicios culturales y diseño web y estratégico
Logo Agencia McCann Worldgroup. Diseño grafico y diseño estratégico para redes sociales
Logo Museu de Sant Boi. Diseño gráfico y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Woodstories. Diseño de identidad y branding y diseño web
Logo Ajuntament Hospitalet de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Ajuntament de Cornellà de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones, talleres y formacion de servicios culturales
logo Balclis. Diseño estratégico y redes sociales
exhibition design and setup


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