Content creation and writing

We believe in strategic communication tailored to the objectives of each project

Content creation and writing

We craft strategic content.

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What do we mean by content creation and writing?

  • Blog articles
  • Social media content
  • Web and digital product content
  • Texts for exhibitions
  • Scripts for audiovisual productions

To generate these or other contents, maintaining a coherent discourse is essential to enhance desired values, taking care of details such as linguistic correctness or grammatical and spelling revision. These elements go beyond communicative tone and enable us to achieve quality results.

Research and writing for exhibition texts

A type of text we often work with is that featured in an exhibition. This encompasses everything from panel text to labels and exhibition guides.

Rigour in the provided information is paramount when writing this type of content. It’s crucial to strictly adhere to the curator’s instructions, provided research or other reference materials that are verified and have sufficient prestige. Lack of published information on a subject may sometimes necessitate research. That’s why, at Misterio Studio, we have archivists and historians who can perform this function to the highest quality standard.

In addition to these considerations, it’s necessary to understand the target audience (General or specialised? Adult or juvenile?) and the overall tone of the exhibition (Formal or informal? Ironic or humorous?) since we won’t use the same language in all cases.

Content creation and writing

Copywriting for the cultural sector

Copywriting is the process of producing persuasive texts, generally aimed at marketing or sales.

Beyond sales, the benefits of meticulous copywriting extend to inspiring, enriching and informing. In the cultural sector, there’s also a need to clearly communicate what is presented and even persuade or educate about a specific project.

An example of copywriting could be the text used in social media or emails. But in the cultural realm, many other specific mediums require attention, such as labels, catalogues, landing pages, or grant proposals.

So, what is good copywriting? It’s about giving instructions based on the desired objective accurately and concisely while connecting with the reader, generating empathy and trust. Properly addressing aspects like originality or storytelling can yield great results.

Content creation at Misterio Studio

At Misterio Studio, we create and write content for brands and institutions, always starting with an initial analysis. We establish the communicative tone, identify the target audience, determine key messages and figure out how we can add value to the brand through content writing.

Once this starting point is established, we delve into creating messages that are meaningful to consumers, clear and add value to the project.

If you want to review your communication or need a partner to develop your textual content, feel free to contact us. We’ll analyse your case and find functional and relevant solutions for your audience.

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