Artistic mediation

A domain within cultural mediation dedicated to bringing art closer to the public.

Artistic mediation

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Mediation means “to intervene, participate, intercede, exist or be between two people or things”. Artistic mediation is a facet of cultural mediation focused on bringing art to the public. The activities involved can encompass interventions, events, talks or workshops linked to the theme, technique and context of the artwork.

Why artistic mediation?

Frequently positioned at the crossroads of institutions, artworks and audiences, artistic mediation is a potent tool for social transformation and inclusion.

It links artistic experiences with diverse communities, using art as a means for reflection, learning, fostering critical thinking and even as a conduit for emotional education.

Artistic mediation

Objectives of artistic mediation

The artistic mediator, aided by various educational tools, facilitates dialogue and learning through art, building bridges between an artistic work and an audience.

  • Cultivate artistic appreciation in children and adults
  • Enhance the artistic experience for an audience, unveiling aspects of the work they were unaware of
  • Offer artistic expressions to vulnerable communities
  • Educate students and teachers in visual arts
  • Elucidate a specific collection, work, or artist

Art and social transformation

Art and, consequently, artistic mediation, are potent socio-educational tools that can propel a shift toward a more critical, open and inclusive society, concurrently fostering community development.

Artistic mediation can function in diverse contexts and assume various forms, from providing tools to educators and cultural professionals to direct action in challenging settings such as social centres, conflict zones, hospitals or communities at risk of exclusion.

It has been demonstrated that art and creativity exert a positive impact on all individuals, fostering empathy and psychosocial development. This facilitates the promotion of cooperation, respect and empowerment, propelling a shift towards more sustainable societies from environmental, economic and social perspectives.

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