Design of cultural dissemination activities

Cultural activities tailored for public engagement using contemporary resources

Design of cultural dissemination activities

Personalised cultural activities

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Personalised cultural activities

The dissemination and promotion of culture should unfold through programmes designed with the needs of each specific audience in mind, taking into account the nuances of the elements to be shared. Designing dissemination activities for a teenage or child audience, for an audience with functional diversity, or for an audience well-versed in the topic is not the same. Assessing and leveraging our audience’s background allows us to engage them in the activity and provide a more satisfying experience.

The ultimate goal of these activities should be the conservation, propagation and enrichment of culture, so development must proceed with respect for the content. Initiating any cultural dissemination activity should commence with a study of the subject, delving into its characteristics to design activities rich in nuances.

Design of cultural dissemination activities

Formats for cultural dissemination

The format of dissemination activities will be determined by the needs of the institution and the audience. It’s crucial to consider the simplest way to engage users or what format can help the institution reach a larger number of participants. Among various activity formats, Misterio Studio particularly favours the following:

  • Virtual cultural dissemination activities
  • Design of in-person or virtual workshops
  • Design of tours, treasure hunts, or informative games
  • Design of virtual or in-person escape rooms
  • Design of activities or campaigns on social networks

Our approach to activity design

We enjoy approaching the design of cultural dissemination activities as an intriguing complement for our clients in the sector. Designing these activities can help us conceive projects more comprehensively. Our focus is on creating activities of interest to the public through innovative and current resources, often involving new technologies and virtual elements.

Feel free to reach out if you’re looking to energise or promote a cultural product; we’ll be delighted to offer tailored solutions designed just for you.

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