Management and cultural production

We specialise in creating, developing and evaluating projects within the cultural and creative sector.

Management and cultural production

We take care of both the production and management aspects of exhibitions, events and audiovisuals.

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What is a cultural manager?

A cultural manager is responsible for designing, encouraging and overseeing all tasks directly linked to production. This includes facilitating the realisation of various projects such as artistic works, exhibitions, events, documentaries, video games and more. It encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, covering financing, cooperation, leasing and cultural policies, among others.

Some tasks associated with cultural management and production include:

  • Design and coordination of projects
  • Organisation of festivals and events
  • Artistic and technical production
  • Preparation of presentations, reports and dossiers
  • Cultural programming and agenda
  • Leasing of works and permissions
  • Space leasing
  • Management of insurance and suppliers
  • Sponsorship plans
  • Advisory services

Production in creative and cultural industries

Cultural management and production play a crucial and pervasive role in all facets of culture, spanning exhibitions, music, audiovisuals, theatre, visual arts, history and more.

The potential of cultural production comes to the forefront during the process of “materialising” a project, easing the execution process. A specialised manager navigates challenging schedules, aids creators in their research, guides the selection of supports and materials, develops realistic budgets and understands the importance of effective dissemination.

It’s intriguing that someone engaged in cultural production possesses knowledge of the latest artistic trends and technological advances to assess the needs and possibilities of each project within its context.

Management and cultural production

Management and cultural production today

There is a growing demand for managing and producing cultural products and services to successfully reach audiences. Cultural management and production address the need for the conservation, creation and promotion of these cultural products.

A panoramic view of the sector is crucial for developing projects, enabling informed decisions that contribute to achieving desired objectives.

The cultural management approach at Misterio Studio

With over a decade of experience in the cultural field, focusing on creativity, design and dissemination, we understand the value of providing comprehensive management for any cultural project.

Our approach underscores empathy for both content and people, recognising that rigour in processes is essential. We emphasise proper task distribution and delegation to the right professionals.

At Misterio Studio, we believe it’s crucial to incorporate sustainability and accessibility criteria into every cultural project, considering them fundamental premises in our approach.

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