Interactive content

Metaverses and immersiveness are not just the future but the present.

Interactive content

We craft digital experiences for museums and cultural companies.

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Digital experiences as a communication tool

As users, we value it when our online journey aligns with our expectations, with a user experience designed for easy and intuitive navigation and enriched with unique and exciting experiences.

At Misterio Studio, we see the design of digital experiences as a tool within the communication and promotion of any brand or entity. Even for entirely offline projects, we broaden our audience by integrating digital content, offering a contemporary and innovative approach. Contact us to delve deeper.

What approaches can interactive content take?

  • Designing digital escape room experiences.
  • Crafting interactives and audiovisuals for exhibitions.
  • Generative design for gamified experiences.
  • Designing interactive experiences for social media.
  • Crafting filters for social media.
  • Augmented reality design.
Interactive content

Immersiveness as a museum trend

Over time, the motivations and expectations of museum audiences have evolved. In recent years, visitors highly value being at the centre of an enriching experience, moving beyond passive receipt of information that they could obtain through other means without the need to travel to the exhibition space.

Due to technological advancements, immersiveness has grown and is emerging as a significant museum trend for both temporary and permanent exhibitions.

But what exactly is an immersive experience? Immersive experiences are defined as those enabling users to expand and complement information from the physical world through technological means.

Some advantages that immersiveness can offer in cultural spaces include:

  • Intensification and enhancement of the experience
  • Customisation possibilities for the visit
  • Providing a unique and memorable experience
  • Encouraging visitor interaction
  • Improving retention of key concepts and ideas

Creation of tailor-made digital experiences and content

Every project is unique, so it’s crucial to develop a strategy before designing any experience, considering the needs of each type of audience, as well as other online marketing or offline actions. At Misterio Studio, we approach the design of each of these experiences uniquely, always considering the client’s needs and their consumers.

For satisfactory results, it’s imperative to blend consumer-friendly language, a pleasant and usable user experience design and a creative conceptualisation capable of delivering relevant experiences.

If you have a project that you’d like to creatively enhance, contact us to generate a tailor-made design for experiences.

Digitalisation for cultural projects from concept to final implementation.
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