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Social media filters

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What are social media filters?

There are various types of filters: “beauty” filters that aim to stylise the user’s features, and others that add objects to the scene, such as clothing, drawings or other elements. There are also filters that create alternative backgrounds, others that distort and/or deform elements of reality and even filters that play with elements like light, sound or the colour of the image.

Given this diversity of formats, some brands, institutions or projects decide to include the design of social media filters in their digital marketing strategies or even as tools for artistic and cultural dissemination.

How can filters be useful?

Knowing how to include these types of tools in brand or project strategies provides a 360° approach that makes it possible to reach new generations and audiences that might be more inaccessible through other channels. In the relaxed and leisure context that social media offers, some brands, institutions or creative projects can offer their content in a more playful way, using gamification elements to engage with the audience.

Social media filters

Social media filters as a museographic tool

Beyond the individual use of the filter, it can be linked to the exhibition space, encouraging participation during the cultural visit.

For example, in a fashion history exhibition, users could digitally try on some of the garments through an Instagram filter. Access to this game requires nothing more than creating the filter itself and a QR code that the user must scan with their personal device.

These solutions are ways to gamify exhibition content and, at the same time, encourage its dissemination on social media by users, generating interest in the cultural proposal beyond the institution’s advertising.

Approach according to objectives

At Misterio Studio, we work on designing filters for social media, considering the marketing goals of the project and the needs and preferences of consumers, seeking a result that respects the working materials and entertains users. We work to combine concept, aesthetics and play for a memorable, fun and unique outcome. Feel free to contact us if you want to give a new perspective to your social media management strategy.

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