Communication on social media

Social media has firmly established itself as a crucial channel, providing innovative avenues for cultural dissemination.

Communication on social media

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How to initiate a social media communication plan?

To formulate and execute a plan, a prerequisite is having a marketing strategy and a communication plan that defines the actions to be taken—content, tone, language, etc. For achieving goals, improvisation is the foe of social media!

Key factors to consider in an initial analysis include:

  • Concrete objectives to accomplish.
  • Identification of the target audience and their characteristics.
  • Analysis of competitors’ strategies.
  • Conducting an initial audit to comprehend the state of social media.

6 steps to create content for social media

Following this groundwork, you can proceed to action:

  • Configuration and optimisation of social accounts.
  • Establishment of tone and language.
  • Consideration of the content pillars to offer and in what formats.
  • Development of a strategic plan and an editorial calendar.
  • Implementation of dynamics for executing creatives and texts.
  • Analysis of results.
Communication on social media

Social media and museums

Museums, in collaboration with other cultural institutions and agents, must not trail behind in digital transformation. Many have already incorporated digital channels into their communication plans, but sustaining a continuous, stable and measurable long-term strategy can be challenging.

Outsourcing this service to a company specialising in culture lightens the internal workload while ensuring that the museum’s content and values are in capable hands.

Functions that a social media plan for museums can fulfil include:

  • Stimulating interest in heritage
  • Disseminating information about collections
  • Involving visitors as co-authors
  • Providing information about activities and presentations
  • Attracting or reactivating the audience
  • Generating conversations with users and professionals
  • Establishing bridges and synergies with other institutions

Some museums, in addition to maintaining an active social media presence, design exhibitions to be “Instagrammable”—enticing for photography and sharing on networks like Instagram. This increasingly common practice encourages the viralisation of museum content and engages the public in its dissemination. The reality is that younger generations are discovering exhibitions and cultural events more through social media and recommendations from their contacts.

How can we assist you?

At Misterio Studio, we can aid you in proposing, brainstorming and designing specific actions on social media for a targeted campaign, or we can create a comprehensive communication plan for the medium to long term. Reach out to us here.

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