Graphic design with a strategic focus

We are a Graphic Design studio based in Barcelona working online to break the distance between us and our clients.

Corporate Identity

We are a graphic design studio based in Barcelona working online with clients from all over the world. We are specialists in branding and corporate identity. We will work to establish the bases of your brand and develop its entire visual universe

Graphic Communication

We design all sorts of formats to ensure your company or campaign is where it needs to be: presentations, posters, large format, flyers, banners for social media ads or Google AdWords.

Web Design

We work on launching your website. We focus on the user to develop a design that facilitates easy navigation and responds to your personality Should you need it, we go beyond design to work on SEO, copywriting and digital strategy.

Monthly packs for marketing teams

If there is a team within your company and you wish to outsource the design, this may interest you Contacta amb nosaltres i t’informarem de les opcions disponibles.

Why should you invest in design? Is it profitable?

Through design, you can improve your clients’ perception of you. Having a detail-oriented and unique brand will make you stand out from other brands that don’t invest in their image. Believe it or not, design is one of the most powerful tools to justify your prices, for example.

If your brand design is also linked to an advertising project, you will see your investment translate into quantifiable benefits. Normally, you will recoup your investment shortly thanks to the attraction of new and better clients.

Why is design important?

If you look around you will see all kinds of objects, images and products… they have all been designed. Design can be found in everything produced by humanity. However, you will agree with us that not everything is beautiful, practical, readable or adapted to what you need. This is the difference between design and high-quality design. We like design to be high quality.

What exactly am I going to achieve by hiring your services?

We will help you create a solid image that communicates what you want your customers to perceive of you and distinguishes you from other brands. We are committed to provide a design that meets your needs and gives your brand the personality it already has and others deserve to see.

What is the process like? Will it take much of my time?

We like to keep an orderly and simple work process. This means that we will have to stay in touch and we might require a bit of your time to ensure we are moving in the right direction. The fact that like to establish processes will help both parties make the most of our time.

What material do I need to give you?

First, we will ask you to explain your project, your circumstances and your objectives in detail in order to ensure that the result meets your needs. This first phase is called the Briefing. Depending on the project, we may also ask you to send us photos or text. This will be discussed once we start our collaboration.

What files will I receive?

Once the project is finished, we deliver the final files in the appropriate formats for the different uses you may need, along with a usage guide for each format. As you may know, we are a graphic design studio based in Barcelona,​​but we like to maintain an online workflow to make it easy for you. We will send you your files with their respective user manuals wherever you are.

We’ve worked with…

Logo Ajuntament de Ripollet. Formación y talleres para servicios culturales
Logo Kuanum. Patrimonio, diseño estratégico y talleres en servicios culturales
Logo Festival Blanc! Diseño gráfico y comunicación para redes sociales
Logo Ipacim. Patrimonio, servicios culturales y diseño web y estratégico
Logo Agencia McCann Worldgroup. Diseño grafico y diseño estratégico para redes sociales
Logo Museu de Sant Boi. Diseño gráfico y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Woodstories. Diseño de identidad y branding y diseño web
Logo Ajuntament Hospitalet de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Ajuntament de Cornellà de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones, talleres y formacion de servicios culturales
logo Balclis. Diseño estratégico y redes sociales
exhibition design and setup


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