Catalogues and editorial design

We format, create and conceptualise publications as diverse as books, magazines, newspapers, album covers or catalogues.

Catalogues and editorial design

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Caring for Every Element of Editorial Design

One of the major challenges of editorial design is not just translating content into a specific format but also meticulously selecting the graphic elements to reflect a distinct personality in that product. It’s the designer’s task to capture the essence of the publication and convey it through the chosen graphic style and format, always achieving an easily accessible level of readability.

The combination and arrangement of graphic elements will determine the personality of the publication. These are the main elements of editorial design:

  • Format
  • Material or medium
  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Margins and grid
  • Art direction for photographs and/or illustrations

For instance, when designing catalogues for exhibitions, whose mission is to collect and even expand on the content displayed in the exhibition space, special attention should be given to ensuring that the result aligns with the exhibition thanks to the proper handling of design elements, even though the format of both (exhibition space/catalogue) may be radically different.

Catalogues and editorial design

Beyond design: 360° publications

On the other hand, there are key disciplines in editorial design that actively contribute to the creation process of a book or magazine, running parallel to graphic design:

  • Creative writing
  • Editing and orthotypography
  • Graphic arts
  • Production consultation

The current context presents new challenges for editorial designers. In the midst of the digital age, their role often extends beyond graphic design, delving into the fields of content strategy, creative writing, programming and interactivity.

Regardless of the chosen format and medium, achieving harmony between form and content will result in a functional and high-quality publication. Experience and knowledge of editorial design serve to evoke various sensations and feelings, culminating in an attractive and unique editorial design.

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