Branding and strategy

The tool capable of creating relevant connections between a brand and its audience.

Branding and strategy

We work on comprehensive branding and strategy for your brand.

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How to work on branding in cultural environments?

A brand is the mental image we’ve formed about an activity, group, institution, company or even a person. In the cultural sector, it’s common to overlook how the qualities associated with this brand are projected, placing branding work in the background. Developing a solid branding strategy is crucial as part of proper advertising planning and can propel your project into the spotlight of the target audience.

Brand strategy

By its nature, branding is always linked to a strategy, from analytical aspects to implementation. Some basic factors in a brand strategy include:

  • Target audience
  • Communication and sales channels
  • Industry situation
  • Value proposition
  • Market positioning
  • Project maturity
  • Values
  • Medium to long-term goals

Branding vs corporate identity

A common mistake is to confuse branding with corporate identity. Corporate identity is the graphic part of the project (for example, composed of a logo and other elements), but branding extends far beyond design. In fact, to design a good brand, it’s necessary to rely on branding and conduct a preliminary study to understand the situation, market, opportunities, positioning, purpose, audience, brand values and more.

Branding and strategy

Branding and strategy as growth tools

Today, branding has evolved significantly, and we consider brands as complex systems that adapt to the context faster than ever. Branding is a powerful tool to help communication, management, marketing and design teams create memorable brands that stand out in the market.

There are multiple methodologies to analyse situations and generate new work areas for a project. At Misterio Studio, we use several of these tools to help our clients find their focus and better define their brand, taking it further.

We specialise in culture due to our expertise and knowledge of the sector. We understand specific audiences and needs, enabling us to generate strategies with rigour.

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