Design for social media

A communication channel where we meticulously craft the projected image.

Design for social media

We handle the design of your social media.

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Social media design, integral to the identity of each brand

For effective social media management, it’s essential to pause and analyse goals and the target audience. Only in this way can we create a robust content strategy and effectively use a communicative code tailored to our needs.

Depending on the project’s characteristics, choosing one social network over another is necessary. Whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok, all of them demand a dedicated, medium- to long-term strategy, including designing creatives for each post, profile pictures, covers, videos and animations.

Every social media strategy should aim to establish a quality online presence for the project and enhance results according to the brand’s marketing objectives. Whether dealing with organic posts or advertisements, consistency and coherence in the use of corporate colours, typography, composition, etc., are fundamental.

In essence, effective graphic design for social media follows guidelines aligned with the overall corporate identity system. Naturally, it should also align with the brand’s branding strategy and the content strategy on social media.

Design for social media

Special characteristics of graphic design for social media

We allocate fractions of a second to each post as we navigate through a social network. A graphic designer for social media must consider not only the emitting brand but also the consumption mode of each social network. Each platform is a universe with its own visual languages, formats, audiences and types of interaction.

That’s why a holistic view of the entire strategy and design on social media is crucial. Having a distinctive style will ease user recognition, enabling the audience to identify when a post corresponds to certain graphic characteristics associated with the brand.

Illustrations, video, animations... beyond graphic design

The art direction of photographs is also pivotal for the overall image of a brand or project. It’s equally important not to overlook the production of videos and animations, which should align with the rest of the graphic guidelines and the chosen overall tone.

At Misterio Studio, we manage the design and art direction of your content for social media, including illustrations or the production of video content.

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