How to use TikTok professionally

No doubt you're wondering how TikTok can become a tool for professional use. This platform has existed since 2016, but became popular in 2018 when it bought the app, absorbing all its users. In February 2020 there were 113 million downloads of this social network, becoming the second most downloaded app after WhatsApp.

At Misterio Studio we offer the opportunity to create a strategy for your brand or business on this and other platforms, in addition to advice and content ideation. Write to us if you have any questions. In the meantime, if you've heard of TikTok but don't know where to start, we leave you a basic guide for beginners.

What is TikTok?

It is a social network based on short-format vertical videos. These started with a limitation of 15-60 seconds that has been increasing over time. TikTok allows you to create, edit and upload videos, applying various effects and adding a musical background for free. These effects also include photo retouching, special effects or filters.

What is it for?

With a similar operation to Instagram, each user has a profile where they can post videos. People can comment on them, share them, make video-reactions or give likes. In recent years, the formats have been changing, and above all, a wide variety of content has become popular: music videos, fashion dances, challenges, tutorials, memes, funny videos, literature ...

Companies and museums also have their own TikTok accounts where they share their own content that adds value to their brand thanks to the capacity of viralization and reach of new users offered by this social network.

How does it work?

The app has a main screen where you can see the most popular videos or those that the social network considers might be of interest to you. This section is called "For you". There is also a screen where you can view only the content uploaded by users you follow, this section is called "Following".

Each video, which is displayed at the time, always appears in full screen. You must slide your finger on the screen from top to bottom or vice versa to move from one video to another. At the bottom you can see the name of the user who uploaded the clip, the song used and the description. At the bottom right you have the option to view the user's profile, comment, share and view the other clips that have been uploaded using the same song.

There is a trending page called "Explore" where you can search for users, clips or trending hashtags. It lists the most popular hashtags of the moment, with examples of videos created by many users (e.g. #LearnwithTikTok). In addition, the songs that are trending and the most popular songs used in the clips at the time are also displayed.

There is also the option to make a live feed (similar to Instagram's live feed), i.e. a real-time video that users can comment on live.

In "inbox" your latest notifications appear: people who have started following you, interaction with other users and recommended accounts.

You also have your own profile with your photo, short description and user name. From there you can also access your favorites. Favorites are videos, hashtags, sounds and effects you see in other videos. If you like one, you can save it to have it always at hand, and even organize them in collections by related topics.

How do I record videos?

With the "+" button. There, you can record your video in takes (pauses) or all at once. You can record in selfie mode or with the rear camera. If you don't do it in selfie mode, you can set a timer of 3 or 10 seconds, which will allow you to prepare better. You can change the speed of your video to make it slower or faster. Add filters to your video to beautify it or modify the face with effects... You will see that in TikTok you will find all kinds of editing options!

The effects will appear divided by categories (selfies, game, end of year, new...) and it will also recommend you the trending filters. Tip: if there is a filter that you really like (for example, the Stop Motion filter) save it in favorites so you can access it more quickly. Emojis, gifs, stickers and text can be added to videos. A key feature of TikTok is that you can add the music you want (and that is available within the app) for free.

How to use TikTok professionally

Why save a video in drafts?

As long as the video is under a minute, you can add snippets to it. Just go to "drafts" in your profile, click on the video and hit "back". There you can add filters, edit the video further or continue recording.

What is the role of brands and cultural entities in TikTok?

TikTok launched in 2020 TikTok For Business, the platform where brands such as PayPal or Lush are already present. "Make TikToks, not ads," they warn from the social network. TikTok wants to demonstrate that it is an indispensable platform for marketing and creative storytelling. Its potential is to approach consumers in a more personal and direct way, offering the opportunity to connect on another level. Light, fun, original and creative content is what works best on this platform that has a very young audience.

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Basic tips for using TikTok professionally

  • Be clear about your target: most users on this social network are millennials, generation Z and even younger.
  • Adapt and understand the platform. Join popular challenges, use the effects and songs that are trending, start your own...
  • Let TikTok be an opportunity to show the human side of your company: from how products are made to tutorials on how to use them.
  • Create challenges with your own music and your company's products. The more viral, the more publicity for your company. Don't forget to use hashtags. Tip: avoid invasive advertising. Don't promote directly, make a fun and entertaining video that engages.
  • You can also consider launching campaigns with TikTok influencers to expand your reach. Young audiences tend to reject traditional advertising and prefer this type of campaign.

What types of advertising can brands use?

There are five different types of ads available to brands that want to advertise: TopView (best possible placement of your video), in-feed ads (your ad will appear integrated in the users' homepage as if you were a regular TikToks creator, from your ad they can access your site or store), brand takeovers (your brand takes control of TikTok for a day), hashtags challenges (create a promotional hashtag to generate engagement), gamefied branded effects (filter that invites users to interact with the company and its products) and branded lenses or branded effects (filters of your brand that users can add to their content).

We hope this guide has shown you how to use TikTok in a professional way. As you can see, this network is a good way to bet on relationship marketing, establish a different connection with the consumer or the public and promote your products in a more fun, original and light way. Assess whether the tone and type of audience of this social network suits your project. Despite the emergence of Instagram Reels, it seems that we still have TikTok for a while.

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