Trends in culture and digitisation for 2021

A global pandemic has caught millions of business people and entrepreneurs unaware. The traditional business model is in deep crisis. The solution? Digitalisation.

In Misterio Studio, we interviewed three cultural professionals who summarised and told us about their experience with digitalisation during the pandemic and how to make the most of new technologies. From their perspective, Anna Rossell, Atenea Carter and Joaquim Solias analyse the trends in culture and technologies for 2021.

What cultural and technological trends will we see in 2021?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have realised that we live hyper-connected lives. Users are constantly generating valuable content online, and companies will only survive if they join the world of digitalisation. In this scenario, culture becomes very relevant because it is constant.

Digital Workplaces

One of the trends that will be in vogue in 2021 is the Digital Workplaces. In other words, a change in the organisational model of companies. In this new archetype, organisations will work remotely to be connected all the time with the user, employees and current events. This idea increases operability and helps to develop skills such as teamwork.

It also saves on fixed costs, as it doesn't require renting or buying premises or physical space. Although other resources are indeed spent at home and many people do not work in this way voluntarily, this modality (currently pending regulation) makes it easier to grow and invest these resources in other options for the company, such as design.


Another trend is the conversion of traditional business to the digital sphere. Companies that sell products and those that offer services are joining this initiative. From virtual singing schools to cooking workshops to streaming exhibitions... These flexible and highly productive models allow them to continue to evolve, open up to new audiences, and adapt to loyal customers' needs.


Another aspect that will mark 2021 will be live. Live streaming of events in the cultural sector has grown exponentially due to the current crisis. This new communication method, driven by platforms such as IG Live, Youtube Live, Twitch or even TikTok Live, brings new communication techniques. It offers the user service in real-time, without the "face-to-face" experience, but with many other advantages. The future of cultural events may be hybrid experiences between the physical and the virtual. We are facing a new mentality.

In addition to live events, the new fashion is to create apps or websites for a specific event, with a strong focus on design and editing possibilities. In these cases, the whole process is digital and more accessible. This new business model allows for more two-way communication.

The value of trust

In the aftermath of this year's events, there has been a marked loss of trust in institutions. The value of trust will be more present than ever in the business and cultural sector. It is about communicating values, not just messages. The key is to align all marketing actions with the brand's corporate identity. Times are complicated, and passion is needed in the face of difficulties. Users are looking for close, very human and personalised virtual relationships. The Internet offers this possibility: connecting with millions of people worldwide instantly and immediately, which is an advantage for any company, business, or cultural entity.

Security measures

Security is another "trend" that will be present in 2021, especially in the cultural sector. COVID-19 protection measures are still present and will be applied at events, exhibitions, and presentations... Safety distance and appropriate standards will ensure that these face-to-face activities can still be carried out for the public.

This year will be the key to analysing whether cultural companies and organisations can adapt to the patterns of innovation and digitisation that the public demands today. Digitalisation is here to stay. This type of cultural trend will not only be strong in 2021, but it will also be the only possible way for many businesses to grow.

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