Strategy and Communication
as growth tools

We believe that communication must go hand in hand with a good strategy, and that any business strategy must take communication into account.

Our work is based on strategic, empathetic and comprehensive design.

Communication audits

For companies, freelancers or established projects that want to improve their strategies, communication or processes.

We hold audit sessions to offer completely personalised consulting and analyses.

Mentoring and consultancy

Individualised counseling and guidance sessions to allow our clients to establish the bases of their project.

Individualised counseling and guidance sessions that allow our clients to establish the bases of their project. We believe in the power of strategic design to launch any brand or project with specific goals and a clear action plan.

Communication plans

Before launching a new project, service, or product it is advisable to establish a strategy to ensure a successful launch.

This service is ideal to strengthen the foundations when our clients are creating or starting a new idea.

Digital marketing strategies

For companies, freelancers or established projects that want to improve their strategies, communication or processes.

We hold audit sessions to offer totally personalised advice.

Social media management and analysis

Individualised counseling and guidance sessions to allow our clients to establish the bases of their project.

Content management and creation

If there is a team within your company and you need everyone to be on the same page regarding the management of your graphics or communication, we can provide you with specific training that will give you the necessary tools to be fully autonomous.

-> Flexible plans according to your needs

-> We adapt to your time and skills

-> We work on your communication and strategy comprehensively

What is “strategy” in the context of a brand?

When we talk about strategy, we refer to all the intangible work behind a project. Strategy involves carrying out brand analyses, devising a plan to achieve your goals, and making connections with the audience in order to be memorable. This work must be done before launching any product, service or brand, and it can also be a valuable exercise prior to creating a logo or the visual universe of a company. A strategy is the foundation in which your brand is built and it will help you achieve your objectives more effectively.

What are the consultancies?

The consultancies are designed to help you promote your project or brand. You can attend individually or with your team, in person and online. We organise individualised sessions in which we show you our analysis methodology and offer you guided tools and exercises to help you promote your project. When the program ends, you will get a dossier with an exhaustive analysis of your project, which will allow you to improve your image, prepare a new launch or improve your services. You will also take our tools and dossiers with you to continue working on your own.

What are the consultancies for? Will they help me?

We offer different consultancy programmes. Some are aimed at entrepreneurs and freelancers who wish to improve their brand positioning or launch a new product or service. Other programmes are aimed at companies and institutions, to help them improve their teams’ processes, or help them build a pre-launch campaign with the guarantees that strategy and prior planning can offer. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, if you want to improve your positioning as a brand, or if you are going to launch a new website, service or social network, the consultancies will offer you useful tools to plan and create a strategy and action plan.

What does social media management involve?

We work with the social networks of our clients comprehensively. This means that we always offer a preliminary analysis, in which we create a strategy and action plan focused on your objectives. We are committed to offer you a service you can trust. We will work monthly on scheduling, copywriting, creative creation and conceptualisation and strategic design. We focus on you and your business objectives so that you can delegate duties and focus on your project.

What is the difference between an audit and a counseling or mentoring session?

The main difference is that audits are aimed at projects, services and companies that are already in operation, but could improve and you don’t know how or where to start. The graphic or strategy audit is a very interesting tool to assess your weaknesses and what aspects you should strengthen. Mentoring sessions, on the other hand, are useful for projects that are not yet operational and need a boost to get started. While in audits clients are not expected to be as involved, in the mentoring sessions the clients are the center of the action and they need to do some practical exercises, always with guidance.

What type of content can you create?

In general, we work on all kinds of projects and mediums from the lens of strategic design. We start from the specific needs of each client, and with our team of collaborators we create all kinds of pieces such as illustrations, text, video or photographs.

We’ve worked with…

Logo Ajuntament de Ripollet. Formación y talleres para servicios culturales
Logo Kuanum. Patrimonio, diseño estratégico y talleres en servicios culturales
Logo Festival Blanc! Diseño gráfico y comunicación para redes sociales
Logo Ipacim. Patrimonio, servicios culturales y diseño web y estratégico
Logo Agencia McCann Worldgroup. Diseño grafico y diseño estratégico para redes sociales
Logo Museu de Sant Boi. Diseño gráfico y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Woodstories. Diseño de identidad y branding y diseño web
Logo Ajuntament Hospitalet de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Ajuntament de Cornellà de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones, talleres y formacion de servicios culturales
logo Balclis. Diseño estratégico y redes sociales
exhibition design and setup


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