The Sant Boi Museum produces this temporary exhibition based on archival research on local victims during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and World War II (1939-1945).

This project pays tribute to all those people of whom, in some cases, we know nothing more than their names. They were direct or indirect victims of the war: repression, missing people, deaths in combat, diseases, deaths in concentration camps or in exile.



Sant Boi Museum


We were confronted with a documentary project with information aplenty. 1,400 Santboians were mobilised during the Civil War, of which 150 did not return. Every survivor and those who were sent to concentration camps or assigned to penal battalions are also referenced.

The working material provided by the Archive includes data and photographs that involve these people. Such material had to be organised and shown to the public with the sensitivity that the subject requires, in a didactic way and providing the exhibition with a historical context.


In order to personify each of those who went missing, we decided to use individual paper sheets for each victim. This way, we paid homage to each one of them contextualising them, and we managed to show the number of missing people in a visual way.

In order to give the documentation a context, we designed a set with original material provided by the Archive and created props for the occasion. We also created a map that marked the location of the disappearances within the Iberian Peninsula.

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