This publication, which includes an album, a yearbook and a book, collects the look and values that the school Patufet has tried to transmit throughout its 50 years of history. Patufet, founded in 1969, is a public school located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). It was born against Franco’s dictatorship and maintains a strong sense of civic responsibility to this day.



Escola Patufet y Museu de L’Hospitalet


Patufet wanted to compile its 50 years of history. The result had to be suitable for all ages: teachers, former students, students, and their families.

It had to be more than just a report. It was important that the publication captured the essence of the school, and the great importance of its foundational values: democracy and progressivism.


After evaluating the idea of making an exhibition, we eventually decided to create a publication. We relied on the concepts of photo albums and school yearbooks to collect all the information in a freer and more recreational way.

The photographs show bright colours to capture the lively and restless character of this constantly evolving school, leaving room for nostalgia.

Memories of the past
looking into the future

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