The Museum of Rural Life, in L’Espluga de Francolí (Tarragona), opens a new exhibition dedicated to fire. Scientific contributions, popular knowledge and works of art come together to reflect on this element: uses, dangers, ways of prevention and, above all, its role in the current climate crisis.



Núria Vila and Museu de la Vida Rural (Fundació Carulla)


Núria Vila, a designer specialised in sustainability, is the author of one of the exhibition facilities, as well as its design and signage.

With an ink that she had prepared with the remains of a real fire, we needed to hand-paint every text of the exhibition and part of the immersive installation.


Together with Silvia Yruela, we worked on setting up the exhibition. It took three days to complete all the texts by hand. First they were projected on the wall, the contours were drawn in pencil, and finally they were filled with the ash ink using a brush.

The installation consists of an entire wall painted with this ink, with different thicknesses and textures. It also contains cardboard tubes representing burnt logs.

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