Since mammoth remains were found in Viladecans (Barcelona), these animals have become a symbol of this city. The family game Mamuts is designed to discover the cultural heritage of Viladecans through this animal. The game is about solving the riddles on the map to find the hidden coloured mammoths.



Ajuntament de Viladecans


The Viladecans tourism department was seeking to stimulate the town centre’s appeal, as well as its businesses and its historical heritage. This vision fits with its recent rebranding and the new discourse of the city: sustainability, tradition and local businesses.

The way to do it was planted in the form of an interactive game, which had to include both the local public and tourism, increasingly relevant in Viladecans.


The logo is now a new symbol for the city. Thanks to the four maps that were created, one for each season of the year, families, both local and foreign, will continue playing the game, discovering the heritage of the city and its local businesses.

We developed the identity, designed the maps and created identification plates that were hidden around the city. A QR code allowed the user to obtain more information about the historic enclave. We also worked with KuanUm! on the documentation and game development.

A town’s cultural gamification

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