Exhibition design, space design, identity, art direction and communication for Els noms de Sant Boi at the Sant Boi Museum. This exhibition is a journey through the different names that this city has had throughout history, from its origin to every name change depending on the politics of the time.



Sant Boi Museum


The investigation, carried out by commissioner Tana Gomis, contained a wealth of information. The documents provided, both images and text, were very diverse in format and typology. By the same token, such a highly theoretical exhibition in such a limited space demanded dynamism.


We decided to organise the exhibition in three large blocks with a color correlation to act as a timeline. The floor was covered in vinyl to reinforce the three sections and to link one end of the room with the other. Objects related to each historical period were exhibited in each section. At the end, an interactive documentation area was designed to close the exhibition in a more recreational and participatory way.

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