Esteve Lucerón is a famous figure in Spanish photography, known for his documentary work on the gypsy community. In his early days as a photographer, he lived in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona) and photographed its surroundings: a city in full transformation after the Franco regime, very different from the city we know today

The author portrayed the inhabitants of the La Florida neighborhood between 1948 and 1980. At that time it was an underfunded neighborhood, where life on the street demanded collective and neighborhood solidarity, in the face of the economic crisis that hit the population in the 1980s.



Museu de L’Hospitalet


The city of L’Hospitalet (Barcelona) wanted to pay tribute to Esteve Lucerón and the neighborhood of La Florida. The commission consisted of shaping a retrospective exhibition with his early and unknown photographs. These demanded to be treated with care and sensitivity as they brought us closer to the residents of L’Hospitalet, the exhibition target


We built an exhibition itinerary that transported the viewer to the time through three thematic blocks. The design connects with the working class and neighborhood struggles, which were pivotal in transforming the city at the time. The arrangement of the works is reminiscent of graphic street communication such as posters and banners, connecting us with that historical moment.

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