Era’s Muse is an international project of educational innovation in art and science. Based on collaboration between
different European institutions, it seeks to develop new methodologies for secondary education. The objective of the
project is teaching STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) in the museum, as they are
essential in the digital society.



Museu de L’Hospitalet


A group of cultural entities, museums, schools, and institutes that are affiliated to a collaboration program within the framework of the European Union needed to generate a dynamic and attractive image. The group was after an image that combined every field of action, and that addressed an adolescent and adult audience.


The proposal involved creating an interactive graphic identity, based on generative design. The project branding was developed, leading to a whole living visual universe that changed according to the user interaction with the platform. To achieve this, we investigated programming languages such as Processing and p5.js as tools for generative design.

Innovación para acercar la ciencia
y el arte a los más jóvenes

Collaboration, co-creation and mutual support between institutions

A project for European students and educators

Generative design as a communication tool