Workshops and training for cultural services and companies

Workshops and training for cultural services and companies

If you have cultural facilities, we will prepare tailored pedagogical activities for you and your audience If you have an active exhibition or want to make participation more dynamic in other cultural services, you can request the design of a specific workshop for your institution and audience.

Brand development workshops

We take a recreational approach to help you create your own brand, or make any project you’re stuck on get off the ground.

Digital activation workshops

If your project is already established, these workshops are perfect to show you how to make everyone see it.

Bespoke courses

If you need a special type of training, either for your team or your clients, contact us and we will work to develop long-term training, and seasonal or one-off workshops.

Specific training for new businesses, small companies and cultural facilities and services. Contact us to check our offer of active workshops or to design one specially adapted to your needs.

Can I request a custom workshop or training?

Of course! We offer a portfolio of pre-established workshops, but we can also develop short or long-term learning materials to boost participation in cultural services, exhibitions or events in your company. Contact us telling us about your case and we will create a proposal for training content.

What do your workshops consist of?

Our workshops vary seasonally and according to demand. If you need information about the current workshops and training, or want to request a custom one, email us. – Workshops for schools and educational centers. – Workshops to increase participation in cultural services, museums and entities. – Workshops and special training for teams in companies and entities. – Workshops for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

What audience are your workshops aimed at?

Each training is aimed at a different audience. We offer training for entrepreneurs and businesses, which are aimed at freelancers or teams within companies. Training for cultural entities can be enjoyed by the communication and management teams of the museum or entity, or the visiting public, including: – Families – Children – Teenagers – Adults and professionals

How long are the workshops?

We offer longer training sessions that can last over a month, or monographic workshops that last between 1 and 6 hours. Depending on the needs of each client, we can also develop short training sessions that last 15 to 20 minutes for special events and group activities. If you have any time requirements, let us know so we can fully adjust our project.

Do you offer any workshops for museums and cultural entities?

Yes, we do! We offer training workshops for teams that work in these institutions to improve project management, brand image and internal processes. We also offer workshops for attendees and entertainment for exhibitions and events. These workshops can be totally designed for you on demand, or you can order a pre-designed workshop from our portfolio. The pre-designed workshops change seasonally and according to demand.

Do you offer any workshops for companies and entrepreneurs?

Yes! We offer workshops and continuous training for teams, focused on improving processes and your brand communication management. We also offer sessions and workshops aimed at entrepreneurs who want to launch new projects, or want to learn how to manage their communication both offline and online. If you need specific training for your team, you can tell us your needs and objectives and we can schedule specific training or workshops for you.

We’ve worked with…

Logo Ajuntament de Ripollet. Formación y talleres para servicios culturales
Logo Kuanum. Patrimonio, diseño estratégico y talleres en servicios culturales
Logo Festival Blanc! Diseño gráfico y comunicación para redes sociales
Logo Ipacim. Patrimonio, servicios culturales y diseño web y estratégico
Logo Agencia McCann Worldgroup. Diseño grafico y diseño estratégico para redes sociales
Logo Museu de Sant Boi. Diseño gráfico y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Woodstories. Diseño de identidad y branding y diseño web
Logo Ajuntament Hospitalet de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones
Logo Ajuntament de Cornellà de Llobregat. Diseño y montaje de exposiciones, talleres y formacion de servicios culturales
logo Balclis. Diseño estratégico y redes sociales
exhibition design and setup


strategic design

Strategy and communication

Estudio de diseño de Barcelona

Graphic Design

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