How to avoid being hacked on Instagram

You've heard many stories of celebrities or companies that have had their Instagram accounts hacked. To prevent this, the best thing is to take extreme security measures. In addition to the old trick of using strong passwords, we leave you a few keys to keep your profile safe.

Update the app

Keeping up to date with updates will prevent many problems. In addition, Instagram is increasingly strengthening users' security.

Verify your account

This option is simple: set a double confirmation to access. You can activate it in settings, "privacy and security", and "two-step authentication". This way, every time you log in, you will receive a code on your cell phone that you will have to enter to access your profile.

Avoid public wifi

Public connections are less secure. If you have to access your Instagram account from a shared computer or a stranger's wifi, always remember to delete your browsing history and do not check the remember password option.

Another option is to have a VPN within your reach to connect to these networks more securely. There are free VPNs available on the market and others for a fee. Explore this option, which also has many other benefits.

Check the apps and websites linked to your account

Once you grant permission to other apps or services to access your account, verify that they are trustworthy. Many apps collect your data directly or indirectly, even if you have only used them once. Remove unsecured linked accounts in your mobile settings.

Change your password often

Change it ideally every two months. A strong password includes uppercase, lowercase and a number. Avoid birth dates, proper names or other easily decipherable passwords. Also, remember to use different passwords for all your social networks.

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Block spam in Instagram direct messages

Many bots send mass chain messages or tag you in stories or posts. If this happens to you, delete the message and/or block the account.

Remove followers that you find suspicious or that post spam massively.
On Instagram, you can remove from your followers list all those users who annoy you or post content that doesn't interest you. The best part is: that when you unfollow somebody, they are not notified. If you have problematic followers, block them.

Hide your activity status and keep an eye on your tags

You can hide your activity status in your profile settings, which ensures greater privacy. Avoid being tagged in spam posts. You can remove yourself from a post in the photo settings and even hide it from your profile.

Be wary of emails and links not coming from the official Instagram app.
Under no circumstances should you open a link from an email if you have any doubts about its origin. It could be a hacker impersonating Instagram to steal your company's data. When a link is written by a brand, be suspicious and look for information about it before sending data or clicking any link.

What should you do in case of account theft?

In case of account theft, you can contact Instagram and report it. Instagram has a specific page for cases of stolen accounts where you will find a very detailed form with the steps to follow to recover your account.

On many occasions, hackers ask for money: NEVER pay anything. The solution is to report it to the police so that they can find the offender. Above all, stay calm. These tips to protect your Instagram account will help you avoid many problems. In case of being hacked, there are chances to recover your profile!

Security in social networks is essential for any company. In Misterio Studio we also publish tips to get the most out of your social networks. Stay tuned!