By The Face! is a photo booth rental company for private and business events, such as conferences, weddings, or communions. Its fun and casual spirit seek to bring a smile to the audience’s faces.



By The Face!


The project arrived at a very early phase in which there was no identity or name. The client brief was simply its brand voice. They invited us to play freely, as long as we respected the values of the company: to make amusement accessible to everyone, with a rogue twist.


We came up with a brand name, and later, we developed the claim and brand voice. We worked on the logo, graphic design and identity, as well as the art direction of photography and social networks, always highlighting the fun, familiar and friendly tone of the company.

Rental photo booths
Event photographs
Funny photos
Packaged souvenirs

Photos by the face!

By The Face!
rental photo booths

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